A mechanism as complicated and delicate as a Cartier or Audemars Piguet demands the care, experience and patience of ON TIME WATCH EXPERTS. Each and every watch that graces our watchmakers’ tables are personally inspected and cared for by one of our master watchmakers.

Here’s the process that we follow in caring for your timepieces:

  • The watchmaker opens the case back and removes the movement.
  • The mechanism is entirely taken apart; the parts subjected to the greatest stresses are replaced, including the mainspring and the automatic winding mechanism’s reverser wheel.
  • Without exception, all parts are carefully cleaned by our state of the art, computer-operated cleaning machine.
  • Our technicians then carefully reassemble the movement. During the reassembly phase, the watchmaker lubricates various parts, using only the specified types of oils, in the exact recommended quantity and method of application as specified by the original maker.
  • The technician returns the optimally lubricated movement to its case. The watch is then placed on a computerized timing machine, where its rate is tested and adjusted until it falls within specific tolerances.
  • Finally, the watch is subjected to a visual inspection and a strict check of its technical functions. In order to ensure accuracy and perfect reassembly, an automatic watch winder simulates a 4-day period of everyday use.